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Exhibitions & Displays

Outside of STREAM events and initiatives, STREAM Syndicate showcases fresh student opportunities and platforms through exhibitions at large-scale events throughout Canada to provide educational awareness of these programs and resources. Our exhibitions include:


Richmond Hill - Feb15, 2019

Presented by the Prospective Medical Professionals, PuMP+ is a student STEM fair featuring booths from renowned STEM institutes, including research programs, robotics competitions, biotechnology organizations, youth conferences, volunteering opportunities, hackathons, and more.


ICE Conference

Downtown Toronto - Dec 15, 2019

ICE is an interactive leadership conference brimming with students learning about various fields and leadership skills in the workplace. Organized by FCSS-FESC, STREAM Syndicate provided students with opportunities to become involved in large-scale initiatives and programs within the STREAM community.

ICE Conference

Ignite Fair

Richmond Hill - Nov 9, 2019

Organized by Pledges for Change, STREAM Syndicate was invited to exhibit at the annual volunteer fair. With hundreds of youths attending, STREAM Syndicate provided an array of opportunities for student engagement with accessibility to educational support.

Ignite Fair

Glen Williams Canada Day Celebration

Halton Hills - July 1, 2019

Amongst vendors, thousands of rubber ducks racing across the river, and bands playing in the background, STREAM Syndicate was invited as one of the two featured non-profit organizations at the Canada Day celebration in Halton Hills. Students visited the exhibition to learn about the STREAM magazine, ambassador program, student opportunities platform, and many other opportunities.

Canada Day

Maker Festival

Mississauga - May 5, 2019

The WE REPRESENT Showcase features the works of Canadian youth within humanities and arts while recognizing the disparity in the distribution of opportunities. STREAM Syndicate was invited as an exhibition to feature ways for students to become involved in the community while presenting an integrated approach within education.