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For Students

The Student Opportunities Platform fosters one of the largest student communities in Canada with over 10,000 student members and active opportunities provided every day. 

Focused on high school & undergraduate students, this platform optimizes student performance with the online community.

The STREAM Magazine is a magazine with monthly issues to provide students with a platform to showcase their works and seek additional opportunities and connections with like-minded community members. Each magazine issue features student works centred around a monthly theme within the fields of STREAM.

STREAM Syndicate is 100% student-run with a large network of diligent and dedicated students involved within the national & provincial board, ambassador programs, and community participants. Adopt a leadership role in the community and join the large-scale educational initiatives hosted by STREAM Syndicate by joining the STREAM team.

With hundreds of students engaging within the ambassador program, students have the opportunity to learn more about the logistical perspective of running large-scale initiatives while earning volunteer hours, references, and a life-time connection with the student community network. As an ambassador, students adopt a hands-on approach towards volunteering in the community in a team setting and have full flexibility of their own schedules and commitments. 

To provide financially accessible academic support, STREAM Syndicate's educator's program provides students with an outlet to learn from experienced community members about key concepts in the government education curriculum as well as extracurricular advising for optimal personal development.

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