Board Meetings

Beyond consistent logistical coordination, STREAM Syndicate board meetings involve the national and provincial board members to convene and discuss upcoming initiatives and events with long-term projection to provide accessibility to the student community across Canada. These board meetings include: 

Annual National & Provincial Board Meeting

Markham - July 7, 2019

The Ontario provincial board & national board convened to discuss the upcoming community events and initiatives as well as financial budgeting for the upcoming school year of 2019 - 2020. STREAM Syndicate partnered with OneHub to provide a professional office for long-term residence for board meetings.


Creating Connections - Community Forum & Board Meeting

North York - Jan 30, 2019

The Ontario provincial board & national board extended a public invitation to the student community for consideration of the STREAM initiatives and plans. Newly-recruited students in the STREAM ambassador program joined the meeting alongside the community to convene and discuss potential areas of exploration for future events. 


Annual National Board Meeting

North York - Dec 6, 2018

The national board determined upcoming plans for large-scale initiatives for the year of 2018 - 2019 to set a general outline for the upcoming ambassador and community forum in the following months for maximal student community input towards all events. Financial budgeting and event logistics were pre-determined with next steps including the refining of program plans.